Private Pilates and Group Reformer Classes in Santa Monica

Located in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, Sandpiper Pilates is for those who crave something a little different than your average Pilates studio experience. Our studio provides a uniquely warm and down to earth atmosphere unlike any other, where clients can truly thrive in the comfort of a personal and private setting. We invest the time and care of getting to know you and your goals, tailoring every session to your needs. Whether it's rehabbing an old injury, cross training for that extra edge, or toning up for an event, we customize each workout to make sure every move counts. At Sandpiper our emphasis is alignment and form, while ensuring a complete full body workout that’s designed to leave your body rejuvenated and more balanced. We offer privates, semi-privates and group reformer classes.

Our studio includes the cadillac, reformer, chair, and barrels.

Our studio includes the cadillac, reformer, chair, and barrels.

Private Instruction

We offer both Private and Semi-Private Pilates training.

  • Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-8pm, Saturday 8am-3pm & Sunday 8am-12pm.
  • Private sessions run approximately 55 minutes. 
  • 24 hour cancellation policy.
Small Pilates class size for better results.

Small Pilates class size for better results.

Group Reformer Classes

Small Classes!

  • We offer a unique group experience because we keep our classes small - Maximum of 5 people. This allows us to instruct our students more safely and effectively.  Whether you are beginner or advanced, everyone will receive the appropriate attention and modifications.
  • Classes run approximately 50 minutes.
  • 12 hour cancellation policy



Tracy Hess


Born and raised in Venice, California, Tracy loved movement from a very young age, dancing ballet, flamenco and modern dance. While training more seriously in classical ballet as a teenager, Tracy was introduced to Pilates and Gyrotonic to keep her strong and injury-free. Feeling empowered with better knowledge of how to correctly utilize her body, Tracy had found a new passion!

Later on while working as a physical therapist aid, Tracy began incorporating the principles of Pilates she learned in her own Pilates practice and saw the exciting results it had on her patients- newfound strength, stability, and length. Hungry for a deeper understanding of the body and it's mechanics, she received a certification in *STOTT Pilates. 

Always discovering new ways to mix it up, Tracy loves using her creativity to amp up her group classes with new exercises influenced by different movement forms. She pulls inspiration from TRX, barre, yoga, and dance to make every class a unique experience while keeping a solid foundation in Pilates principles.

In her private sessions, Tracy makes proper form and alignment a priority at all times. She has extensive experience in athletic conditioning, rehabilitation of various injuries and conditions including spinal injuries, shoulder girdle and hip issues, and also with pre and post-natal pilates in clients of all ages and backgrounds. Over her years of teaching Tracy continues to grow her knowledge and love of movement by working with physical therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors.                                        .

*STOTT pilates is a variety of pilates that applies more contemporary knowledge of exercise and biomechanics to improve core strength and spinal stability.

Mallory King


Mallory began taking reformer Pilates classes 12 years ago while working full-time in a corporate environment. She was looking for a challenging exercise that would lengthen out her tight muscles from running as well as strengthen and tone her all over. She immediately fell in love with the discipline of Pilates and achieving that mind-body connection. Pilates energized her and she immediately noticed how it improved her running, taking the pain out of the low back and smoothing out her breathing. She loved that feeling of control and support in her body

Mallory met Tracy during a STOTT teacher training and became friends. When Tracy opened Sandpiper Pilates in 2015, Mallory was excited to join her staff.

Currently Mallory is pursuing a certification in mat Pilates through STOTT at John Garey Pilates. She still has her corporate gig but is thrilled to teach at Sandpiper. Her goal is to provide a safe, fun, well-rounded class that leaves you feeling stronger and recharged!

Julian Lopez

Julian is a skilled & energetic teacher who takes his passion for dance into his Pilates practice.  Julian is a Texas Native & received a BFA in Dance. His background allows him to give his clients a deeper understanding of the mind & body, while keeping them on their toes with his energetic dance-expert twist! Julian focuses on equal muscle development, body alignment, and centering through a mind-body-sprit awareness.

Danielle Bund

Danielle comes to us as a six-time U.S. gold medalist in synchronized skating! An east coast native, Danielle moved to sunny LA to study Pilates and nutrition after graduating from NYU. She is STOTT Pilates certified and has worked with chiropractors and physical therapists to develop Pilates-based methods for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Danielle likes to individually tailor her sessions to help you achieve your personal fitness goals and get you the results you’re looking for!